Consulting Services

Gretchen has worked with hundreds of teams over the past 30 years, including teams within organizations and teams across organizations, to optimize team performance. This includes efforts related to:

  • Initial team formation and positioning teams for success
  • Underperforming team interventions
  • Shared and formal/informal team leader development
  • Social contracts and team culture optimization
  • Process enhancement to improve efficiency
  • Lean practices
  • Dashboard and accountability

Gretchen and I first worked together 25 years ago, when she was instrumental in helping one of our project teams achieve success. Gretchen’s recent work with one of our $1 billion construction program teams was critical to our success. Gretchen and her team helped us develop a culture of innovation, collaboration and lean practices, and maintain that culture throughout the three-year life of the program. She is insightful in understanding how to help teams achieve the highest levels of performance.

Michael Mayra, GM

Research and Teaching

Gretchen has a deep knowledge of the research, theory and practice of team performance, including specific topics such as:

  • Team Leadership
  • Psychological safety
  • Innovation and collaboration
  • Lean practices

Gretchen is currently teaching “Driving Team Performance” at the Australian National University (ANU) at the post-grad level.