Consulting Services

Gretchen has three decades of experience helping thousands of leaders achieve greatness in how they enable the success of others, in organizations of all sizes and types. Gretchen helps these leaders:

  • Develop and execute strategic and operational plans
  • Solve strategic and tactical organizational issues
  • Impact the culture of their organizations
  • Enhance their own leadership skills and the skills of those they lead to implement meaningful and sustainable change

Gretchen was instrumental in helping the leaders of our organization create a post-acquisition strategic plan that addressed critical issues such as branding, level of integration and communication across divisions. She is adept at working with leaders in a variety of contexts and was of invaluable assistance to our senior executive team. 

Doug Banning, CEO, MVERGE

Research and Teaching

The study of leadership theory, research and practice was an integral part of Gretchen’s PhD efforts and dissertation research, and continues through her work as an Affiliate Professor at the University of Denver, Daniels College of Business and the Australian National University (ANU) College of Business and Economics. Gretchen develops and teaches courses in leadership and ethics, and leadership and change. Her dissertation research involved gathering data from 126 business units of 47 organizations with greater than 1,000 employees to explore the statistical relationship between leadership and organization agility. Gretchen is well versed in many aspects of leadership development, including:

  • Effective leadership traits and behaviors
  • Ethical leadership
  • Emotional intelligence, mindfulness and the neuroscience of leadership
  • How leaders impact organizational culture
  • How leaders develop other great leaders

Gretchen is a passionate scholar of leadership and a tremendous asset to our team as the Course Leader for our Leading with Integrity MBA course. Gretchen is well-versed in the latest thinking on leadership thanks to her extensive research on the topic and her vast array of client experiences. We are lucky to have Gretchen on our team and her students benefit tremendously from her insights.

Carol Johnson, Assistant Dean and Director, MBA@Denver, The University of Denver, Daniels College of Business