Consulting Services

Gretchen’s three decades of experience in working with leaders and teams often culminates in significant improvements at the organizational level. Gretchen’s work with organizations includes efforts to:

  • Develop and execute strategy for market expansion and growth
  • Create plans for improved organizational effectiveness in key strategic areas
  • Execute high-level strategies for people development
  • Assess and influence the culture of the organization

The key to the financial success of Questar Gas is a commitment to excellence in achieving sustained growth. Core to this strategy is the realization that at times you need and can benefit from the advice of experts in the field. Our work with Continuum Advisory Group has been overwhelmingly successful, not just because of their industry expertise, which is extensive, but because they take the time to understand our business and our needs. The results speak for themselves, and are outstanding.

Craig Wagstaff, President – Gas Distribution, Dominion Energy

Research and Teaching

Gretchen research and teaching on organizational effectiveness is extensive, and includes the topics of:

  • Organization Agility – Organization agility is broadly defined as an organization’s ability to swiftly and successfully change in reaction to changes in the business environment, including technology, customer requirements and the competitive landscape. Gretchen’s Ph.D. dissertation explored the relationship between leader behaviors and organization agility, and Gretchen is a frequent speaker on this topic. You can hear more on this topic at by visiting the episodes with Linda Holbeche, Chris Worley and Pamela Meyer.
  • Organization Ambidexterity – Gretchen has explored this closely related topic – the ability of an organization to incrementally improved in existing capabilities while “exploring” the capabilities that will be necessary for future success in a constantly shifting business context.
  • Organization Culture – Gretchen has research the thought leaders on this topic to understand how to effectively help her clients achieve changes in culture. This includes time with the great academics such as Edgar Schein (include picture of us).
  • Organization Strategy – Key to any organization’s effectiveness are the core strategies put in place and constantly revisited. Gretchen is a long-time scholar of strategy, from her days as an MBA student in the early 90’s through to her Ph.D. studies.

Gretchen has done a great job of reaching out to those of us throughout the world that are researching and writing about the theory of organization agility to deeply understand our conceptual frameworks and contributions. Gretchen’s own research on the topic, which explores the relationship between leadership and organization agility, is an important contribution to the body of research. Gretchen has also amassed a wealth of practice experience helping organizations that aim to become more agile.

Dr. Linda Holbeche, Author, The Agile Organization
Learn more on Episode 6 of

Gretchen has taught Strategic Management in the University of Denver, Daniels College of Business MBA@DU program. Gretchen is currently teaching “Evidence-based Management” at the Australian National University (ANU) at the post-grad level.